How We Help: Food Rescue

Helping our neighbors by reducing food insecurity is our goal, but we cannot do it alone. 

One thing we believe here at Loaves & Fishes is that we live in a world of abundance. One where there is enough food to feed everyone in our community … and yet we still have neighbors who do not have access to heathy, nutritious food.

Americans grow, produce and sell more food than we could possibly eat — and 40% of it is thrown away. Most people are shocked to learn that food waste is a major contributor to our landfills, constituting 25% of solid materials discarded.

Food rescue is the best solution to address both food insecurity and food waste. Each year, we rescue and deliver surplus food to over 100 partner agencies free of charge.  We are truly amazed by the generosity of our monetary donors, who give from the heart; our food donors, who share not just their ‘seconds’ but their best; and our and volunteers, who give unselfishly of their time and talents. 

Won’t you join us in our mission to alleviate food insecurity in our community?

Reducing Food Insecurity

Donors, like grocery stores, restaurants, farmers and cateres contact Loaves & fishes with surplus food

Donors like restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and local farmers contact us when they have surplus food.

Food insecurity

Our drivers are deployed in refrigerated Loaves & Fishes trucks to rescue the food.

How we help: Low income families receive food

Hooray! Rescued food is delivered to partner agencies and into the hands of people who need it.

How We Help: Increasing Awareness

Another way that Loaves & Fishes strives to serve our community is by shining a spotlight on local areas that need more access to nutritional foods.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN defines food access as “access by individuals to adequate resources for acquiring appropriate foods for a nutritious diet.” Areas without this access are called food deserts, and just like a desert has no access to water, food deserts have no, or limited access to food. There are areas right here in Greenville County that have been deemed food deserts. Loaves & Fishes and the local county council are exploring ways to increase access to healthy food and reduce food insecurity for those who need it most.

Who We Serve

In 2023, we rescued and distributed more than 2.7 million pounds of food. Loaves & Fishes continues to serve an increasing number of Greenville County residents experiencing food insecurity.
  • Community Food Pantries - 40 %
  • Low Income Housing - 19 %
  • Children's Services - 15 %
  • Community Centers - 10 %
  • Disabled/Special Needs Populations - 3 %
  • Senior Services - 5 %
  • Shelters & Group Homes - 5 %
  • Soup Kitchens - 3 %
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You Can Help, Too! Join the Grove!

Now that you know how we help, won’t you join us? At Loaves & Fishes, we call our monthly supporters “The Grove,” because they offer strength, resilience, and shelter. They block the wind and provide shade so that all who gather there are protected. Become a monthly giver and join us as a member of the Grove!

  • Sometimes the impact is not in the quantity of the gift but rather in the size of our grove. Collective giving has impact!
  • Join a community of dedicated grove members working towards a common goal.
  • Every dollar we receive is converted to $19 worth of food delivered to those who need it most.
  • A $5 monthly donation has an impact of over $1000 annually.
  • Imagine the good we can do together!