Food rescue is an unique way of addressing both hunger AND food waste in Greenville County. Loaves & Fishes, Greenville’s only comprehensive food rescue organization, is truly the solution to this ongoing problem.

The Challenge

For over 30 years, we have served our community by rescuing surplus food and redirecting it free of charge to our partner agencies for redistribution to our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. We have grown organically for decades adding new partners as more surplus food became available. But we always asked ourselves, “Are we doing all we can in Greenville County?”

The Solution

What we needed to truly answer this question was data that was simply not available until now. With the development of the Greenville County Food Insecurity Index, comissioned by LiveWell’s Food Security Coalition and created by Furman University, Loaves & Fishes can finally see where more help is needed.

The Result

Armed with this data and input from our staff, board members, partner agencies, food donors and finacial supporters, we created our 5 Communities in 5 Years¬†strategic plan. The plan includes strategies to identify five underserved communities and expand services in those areas over the next five years. This simple but effective approach is likely to increase Loaves & Fishes’ service model by 33% in 5 years! It’s ambitious, but with your help, it’s achieveable.