Loaves & Fishes is a food rescue organization.

We are a 100% donation-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, established in 1991 to eliminate hunger in Greenville County by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste.

The Loaves & Fishes model uses both volunteers and a food rescue fleet ensuring we can pick up large and small quantities of food, 7 days a week. We work hard to ensure that food is pulled from the source (grocery store, local farm, etc.) and delivered to a partner agency on the same day. Unlike most food rescues, we do not store or warehouse rescued food, keeping our costs low and our return on investment high.

Every dollar invested equals
dollars worth of impact in Greenville County

In 2023, supporters of Loaves & Fishes gave over $485,000 to food rescue and, in that same year, we rescued 2.7 million pounds of food, worth over $9.45 million. That means for every single dollar you give, we deliver the equivalent of $19 of rescued food! 

giving locally helps keep Loaves & Fishes truck on the road

Our Story

While traveling in New York in 1990, local banker Sam Hunt witnessed food rescue for the first time. While attending an event, he watched City Harvest, one of the first food rescues in the U.S., rescuing leftover food. When he asked, he was told that they would deliver it to local agencies helping people facing food insecurity. Knowing that food insecurity was a problem in Greenville too, he got to work.  To move surplus food to feed the food insecure, he mobilized family and friends, effectively founding Loaves & Fishes as a 100% volunteer-run agency in the process.

loaves and fishes volunteers unloading rescued food

Our Mission

Rescuing surplus food and redistributing it free of charge to partner agencies to reduce hunger in Greenville County, SC.

Our Vision

To eliminate food insecurity in Greenville County by ensuring no good food goes to waste.

charity, donation and volunteering concept - close up of volunteers giving box of food

Our Future

In 2023, Loaves & Fishes put into motion the most comprehensive strategic plan in the organization’s history. The plan includes strategies to use Greenville County’s Food Insecurity Index Map to identify five underserved communities, and thoughtfully expand our services in those areas over the next five years. By the end of 2027, we intend to increase our impact by at least 33%.

Our Values

Dignity & Empathy

Loaves & Fishes treats everyone with dignity and respect. We are led by empathy and believe everyone has the right to food.


Loaves & Fishes strives to provide services to our partners equitably and with impartiality.


Loaves & Fishes is dedicated to being inclusive and culturally competent.


By developing meaningful relationships with community partners, we multiply available resources to address food insecurity together.


Loaves & Fishes is a zero-waste operation. By rescuing food that would be wasted, We demonstrate financial and environmental stewardship.

Be The Rescue!

Help Us Eliminate Food Insecurity in Greenville County

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